Jazz Daily Bundle

Jazz brings you an amazing offer called Jazz Daily Bundle for only Rs. 14! This bundle includes free SMS, on-net (Jazz+Warid) minutes, and internet data MBs. It’s perfect if you love to make lots of calls without worrying about call rates because it comes with 300 on-net (Jaz + Warid) minutes until the same day midnight finishes!

How to subscribe to Jazz Daily Bundle:

  • Activation Code: Dial *340#
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS
  • Remaining Credits: Dial *340*2.

Terms and conditions:

  • If you want to make a call with Jazz, it’s going to cost 0.15 rupees per pulse and there are 300 minutes available for free on the network
  • .You can’t use those same hours in another day or else they’ll expire at midnight! Also, don’t forget that internet data is limited too; only 2GB of 3G/4G area usage is allowed each month (which we estimate as about 1 GB).
  • Plus internet speed depends upon things like your location so remember how far away from 4g areas you are when using the app!!


Jazz has always been an affordable operator. This Jazz Daily Day Bundle is the latest example of how they offer great value for money to their customers. For just Rs. 14, you can get free SMS, On-net (Jazz+ Warid) Minutes, and Internet Data MBs with this bundle that lasts till midnight. Now you don’t have to worry about running out of minutes or data when making calls on your phone!