Jazz Daily Sms Whatsapp Bundle

Jazz Daily Sms Whatsapp Bundle Now get 1800 SMS and free 10 MB Internet data for WhatsApp in Rs. 7.2 only with by Jazz telecom customer can easily activate this offer while using *334# to subscribe to the service of daily packages offered by Azz Telecom’s carrier

How to subscribe to Jazz Daily Sms + Whatsapp

  • Activation Code: dial *334#
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS
  • Remaining Credits: dial *334*2#
  • Info status: dial *334*3#

Terms and conditions

  • Free internet is available only on WhatsApp.
  • There’s no limit to how much you can send free SMS messages at any time and it doesn’t cost a thing to check the status of your bundle or receive alerts about data usage costs that exceed Rs 1/MBs after you’ve used up all included MBs in your plan for this particular month.
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There are many telecom operators in Pakistan but Jazz is one of the most affordable and reliable. Jazz Telecom’s carrier offers easy, fast, and high-quality service to customers for an unbeatable price.  The customer can activate this offer by using *334# which will subscribe them to daily packages at a low monthly fee that includes 1800 SMS with 10 MB free data per day on WhatsApp only! If you’re looking for a great deal on your mobile plan, check out what Jazz has to offer today!