Jazz Har Din Bundle

Jazz Har Din Bundle provides its energy to every jazz prepaid customer. It gives exciting daily discounted phone call offers and packages by Jazz for 24 hours after the subscription cost of Rs 18 + tax in just one bill cycle. So, apply now to make free calls to numbers on any other network at an introductory price within a time period of 24 hrs only!

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 How to subscribe to Jazz Har Din Bundle:

  • Activation Code: Dial *114*4#
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS
  • Remaining Credits: Dial *558*2#
  • Info Code: Dial *558*3#

Terms & Conditions:

  • There are no standard taxes, but an extra service fee of 5.11% and an operating fee of 5.11%, as well as Federal territory tax – which is 17%.
  • You will pay 2-14% more if you use the SIM card in FATA, AJK or GB (Gilgit Baltistan).
  • It’s also illegal to run without proper documentation so be careful when using your mobile!
  • Don’t forget that once you text 9000 it can generate unwanted messages from PTA directly into your inbox…


Jazz Har Din Bundle is a smart choice for those who want to make free calls in just 24 hours, with the introductory pricing of Rs 18 + tax. So apply now and enjoy!


How do I activate the Jazz Infinity bundle?

Dial *710# to get unlimited calls and texts for 6 months.

How check Jazz bundle is active?

Get your Jazz Sim plan details right on a text message with Send an empty SMS to 3838.

Which offer is best in Jazz?

Jazz offers a variety of packages for its customers. Their most popular one is the ‘Jazz Sindh Package’ that includes 200 free minutes to call other Jazz numbers, while another package called ‘Jazz Punjab Package’ has 150 SMSes and 20 MBs in addition to 200 local calls. The latter also comes with 1000 on-net minutes at 10 Rs only!

What is the jazz monthly WhatsApp package offer?

Jazz Monthly’s WhatsApp Bundle package gives you 5000 MB of data and 12000 SMS/Msg for just Rs. 99! Get it now to save more on your messaging needs in a whole month