Jazz Monthly Mega Plus

For heavy data users, there is the Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Plan that offers 12GB (6GB 2 AM –2 PM) of high-speed internet access at just 600/- monthly.

How to subscribe to Jazz Monthly Mega Plus

  • Activation Code: Dial *117*30#
  • Valid Till: 30 Days
  • Remaining Credits : *117*30*2#

Terms and conditions

  • Incentivize your employees with the benefits of an internet bundle subscription.
  • It is always worth checking on why they should subscribe again, so we don’t miss out!
  • The remaining incentive and validity will be checked by dialing a code to confirm that it has not expired yet in order for you or them can continue enjoying unlimited access at any time no matter where they are located – 2G/3G/4G networks area too!
  • Actual speed depends upon many factors, but here’s how overage charges would work: If someone were using up their monthly allocation within 30 days, there wouldn’t have been anything tied directly towards data usage (like messaging).


If you’ve been looking for a data plan that offers the best value and is still affordable, we recommend Jazz Mobile’s Mega Plus Plan. With 12GB (6GB 2 AM –2 PM) of high-speed internet access at just 600/- monthly, this plan gives you plenty of bang for your buck. You can also opt to pay more or less depending on how much data you want per month by choosing from their other plans such as the 3 GB, 5 GB 10 GB, and 20 GB options.