Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus offer

Jazz is launching a special offer that provides the best of all worlds in one place. With Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus, you can call your loved ones on any network, send SMS messages to people around India with no hassle or limitations and use fast internet for an entire month without having to worry about changing plans every time there’s limited data allowance.

How to subscribe to Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus offer

  • Activation Code: Dial *707#
  • Valid Till: 30 Days
  • Remaining Credits: Dial *707*2#
  • Info status: Dial *707*3#

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is a limited-time deal, and you can use your data for free until 23:59 of the 30th calendar day. You’ll have to dial *707# again if you want this offer more than once.
  • This Offer includes minutes that will be posted at the beginning of each month so they expire after 30 days! Make sure not to go over 200MB or else there’s an extra fee
  • when exceeding 300MB in total usage during any one billing cycle period (applicable taxes may apply). Actual internet speed depends on multiple factors like sim card, a device used, webpages accessed within a certain amount of time, etc., but it won’t matter much since all incoming calls are charged as local calls irrespective of where customers receiving


The new Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus is the most comprehensive plan that offers unlimited calling, SMS messages, and fast internet all for one low price. If you’re looking to call your loved ones on any network or send texts with no limits, then this offer may be just what you need! For more information about how this monthly package can help improve your quality of life while saving money every month, contact us today. We’ll show you everything there is to know about Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus so that you can enjoy it worry-free!