Jazz weekly All network

Jazz weekly All network This is the perfect opportunity to get an amazing deal on your favorite networks. The Weekly All Network Offer provides access to every location and plan, providing you with more flexibility than ever before!

How to subscribe to Jazz weekly All network

  • Activation Code: Dial *700#
  • Valid Till: 7 DAYS
  • Remaining Credits :  *700*2#
  • Info status:  *700*3#

Terms and conditions

  • The Subscription fee for Gwadar & Turbat is Rs.204 (Including .tax)
  • Subscribers will be subscribed to the Weekly All Network Offer, which expires at midnight of the 7th calendar day(including subscription date).
  • The offer can only be availed once while it lasts and customers are required to dial *700# again in order to get more benefits out of its use after 24 hours have passed since activation with no time limit imposed upon them during this period.
  • Data MBs come at a rate applicable throughout 2G 3 4g networks without any speed restrictions whatsoever though they may not exceed 10GB per month downloads/upload depending upon your plan type


The Weekly All Network Offer will change the way you think about your cell phone bill. You’ll save money and get access to all of our locations, plans, and features! Act now while supplies last.