Jazz Weekly Browser Offer

Get 300 MB of internet data for a whole week with the Jazz Weekly Browser Offer. Just RS 50 (incl. Taxes). That’s enough to surf the web without worrying about pesky overage fees or being cut off!

How to subscribe to Jazz Weekly Browser Offer

  • Activation Code: Dial *117*3#
  • Valid Till: 7 DAYS
  • Remaining Credits: Dial *117*3*2#

Terms and conditions

  • Offer for the internet is inclusive of applicable taxes (if any).
  • The remaining MBs and validity can be checked by dialing a code that’s provided in your bundle subscription confirmation email or through sms notifications.
  • Bundles will not auto-subscribe, so you need to subscribe again when it expires after two months – which may happen before then if there are no usage restrictions imposed on these offers!
  • Actual speeds vary depending upon multiple factors like device type; web pages accessed time-of date etc., but usually maxes out at 512Kbps download speed with an 8 hour per day limit (or less) due to shortfalls caused by slower infrastructure outside urban areas where most subscribers live



This offer is available to all Jazz Weekly subscribers, so download the app and get started today! If you have any questions about this promotion or our service in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.