Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket

Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket You won’t have to worry about data overages with Ufone daily 3G package! You can enjoy 75 MBs of mobile internet and 500 Mb’s in Social Bundle for just 18 charges per day.

How to subscribe Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket

  • Activation Code: Dial *2258#
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS

Terms and conditions

All prices are inclusive of taxes.

You will receive the maximum speed available for your subscription plan, but actual Internet speeds depend on a variety of factors such as location and time/device usage etc.

dial *706# to check how much data is left in each bucket!

All Whatsapp calls costs from mydatabucket resources – you can use these numbers any way that works best with what ever app or web page you need assistance using

Every session reserves some volume just so we can enhance customer experience; it never expires until its used up completely (which could take days).


Ufone’s new daily 3G package (heavy) offers the best value for your money by giving you 75 MBs of mobile internet and 500 Mb’s of Social Bundle per day. This is perfect if you need to download large files, stream videos or just send a lot of messages.