Ufone Daily SMS Bundle

Ufone Daily SMS Bundle You can get 1,600 SMS for any network in just Rs. 4.77 + Tax with this amazing offer!

How to subscribe Ufone Daily SMS Bundle

  • Activation Code: Type “sub” and send it to 605
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS

Terms and conditions

  • Abroad, SMS Buckets are not as popular.
  • They only offer the option to send messages at standard rates from one national phone number across all networks–but if you’re sending an international message or premium text-message (which can cost more than 60 pence depending on where in Asia it is being sent), then these will be costly! Even worse?
  • Sending short codes 600 or 606 might tack another 0.84% onto your bill just for contacting those numbers locally within Pakistan; their service agreements do say that there’s no extra charge when calling internationally though so we recommend checking first before dialing anything up close with this company


This is an offer that will save you a ton of money while still getting the best deals. The SMS packages are available for all networks and come with unlimited free delivery, which means no matter where in the country your customer is they can get 1,600 messages at this low price! Make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer