Ufone SMS Packages

Today we will discuss Ufone SMS packages, we are trying to cover all the SMS bundle and offer given by the Ufone network. Ufone network officially launched in 2001. After that, he becomes the official network in Pakistan all over the areas. Ufone is not the bigger network. According to time, Ufone is now growing fastest in our Pakistan cities. The Ufone network is working all over Pakistan. He is the 4th largest network in Pakistan people. They are quite satisfied with this network because his offer is amazing sometimes.

About Ufone

Ufone SMS packages are amazing for all the customers who want to connect with friends for a long time. In the past, Ufone network people are not well known about this network, but when time is going, people know about this network, and now there are lots of people joining the Ufone network daily. There are lots of branches all over Pakistan and working day by day to grow their network to widely. Ufone has many offers for their customer, such as SMS internet calling offers, and these offers are quite cheap rather than other networks so that anyone can use this sim at any time in Pakistan. 

List Of Ufone Sms Packages 2022

We discuss Ufone SMS Packages with complete detail of their Sms details with activation code and deactivation code. 

Ufone Daily Sms Packages

Ufone Daily SMS packages are available for that customers who is loving to text their friends daily. There are many daily SMS offers for Ufone customers if anyone wants to subscribe to all the details below. These SMS packages range is low to high price, but all the price is very less, so take advantage and subscribe to these offers and enjoy the SMS for one day.* Term and Condition are applied for every package And Tax Also Applied. Ufone daily on-net SMS bundle is only sent message Ufone to Ufone.*

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Ufone Power HourRs 6 + Tax60 SMS60 On-Net-Minutes and 60 MBs24 Hours (Valid only for the next One hour)Dial *99#Automatically expires after one hour
Ufone Daily SMS BundleRs 4.77 + Tax1600 SMSN/A24 hoursType “sub” and send it to 605Dial *506#
Ufone Night Sms PackageRs 1300 SMS N/A12AM- 8AMType “sub” and send it to 609Automatically expires
Ufone Daily On-net Sms Rs 2500 SMS (ufone to Ufone )N/A24 hoursType “sub” and send it to 611Automatically expires
Ufone Daily Chat Package Rs 6 + Tax10000 SMS 500 MB (For whats app)24 hoursDial *3465#Automatically expires

Ufone Weekly Sms Packages

Ufone weekly and fortnight SMS packages are available for their customer who is loving text to their friends, mostly used by college and university customers. All the offer is valid for Ufone customer new and old who subscribe to this offer. This is the best SMS package for a student in some of the amount they can get large SMS bundle for a whole week.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Ufone Weekly Sms PackageRs 11.951250 SMSN/A1 WeekType "sub" and send it to 608Type "unsub" and send it to 8066
Ufone Asli Chaper Phar OfferRs 120100 SMS 100 On-Net-Minutes, 1000MB1 WeekType *5050# to subscribeCall to 333

 All the above packages are only for Ufone users. The first-time convert is free without any charges. In the future, if you convert to other packages, then the company should deduct the charge from your balance.*

Ufone Monthly Sms Package

Ufone Monthly SMS package is suitable for those who don’t like to subscribe to SMS pack, again and again, to subscribe to this offer one time and enjoy the whole month without any tension available to Ufone customers in Pakistan. This is the best offer for cheating people to connect with their friends with this offer.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Ufone Unlimited Monthly BundleRs 95.621,000 SMSN/A30 DaysType “sub” and send it to 607It expires automatically after one month
Ufone Sim Lagao Offer Rs 06000 SMS6000 MB (2G 3G),6000 minutes U-U & PTCL30 DaysDial *5000#Automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Nayi Sim offer Rs 50500 SMS25 Off-Net-Minutes, 1 GB Internet Data ,500 Minutes U-U & PTCL30 DaysDila *1000#Automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Super CardRs 5504000 SMS1000 minutes U-U & PTCL, 1200 MB, 150 Off-Net-Minutes30 DaysDial *240# (You can also buy a super card from Ufone retailer)Automatically expires after 30 days
Ufone Super Card PlusRs 5994200 SMS180 Off-Net-Minutes, 1500MB,1200 Minutes U-U & PTCL30 DaysDial *250# (You can buy a Super Card from Ufone retailer)Automatically expires after 30 days

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer

Volume: 3000 SMS + 3000 MB + 3000 Ufone to Ufone Minutes

Price: Buy a new sim from any franchise 

Valid: 30 days one month

Activation code: *5000#

Expire: Automatically Expire after 30 days

Terms: if your sims are not activated for the last 60 days, you can subscribe to this offer and get this volume for 30 days.

Ufone Nayi Sim Offer

If you are a new customer on Ufone and buy a new sim, then you will get this offer. All the volume from this bundle is valid for 30 days only. All the new customers get a new sim and available this offer.

Nayi SIM Double Offer Plus

Internet Data: 3000MB

SMS: 8400 sms for all network

Minutes: 2400 on-net minutes

Valid: 30 DAY

Cost of Package: Rs 599

Activate Method: Recharge only super card plus

Deactivate Method: Automatically Expire After 30 days. 

Ufone Unlimited Monthly Bundle

Minutes: None

Sms: 21000 sms for all network

Internet: None

Activate: Type sub send it to 607

Deactivate Method: Automatically Expire after 30 days.

Valid Days: 30 Days

Cost of Package: Rs. 96

Ufone Monthly Uth SMS Package

This offer is valid for only Ufone uth members.

Minutes: None 

Sms: Unlimited sms for all network

Internet: None

Activate: Type sub send it to 604

Deactivate Method: Automatically Expire after 30 days.

Valid Days: 30 Days

Cost of Package: Rs. 5+tax

Ufone 45 Days SMS Package

Ufone 45 days sms package is a unique and new offer providing by the Ufone network. This is also a good offer launch by Ufone. If any customer wants a more affordable sms package, then this package is best for him. All the detail of package is listed below go and check this amazing offer.

SMS: 30,000 sms for all network

Internet: None

Activate: Type sub send it to 614

Deactivate Method: Automatically Expire after 45 days.

Valid Days: 45 Days

Cost of Package: Rs. 99+ tax

Ufone Yearly SMS Offer

Ufone Yearly sms offer is an amazing and affordable offer for customers who love texting and connecting with friends. In this offer, customers need to subscribe to this bundle one time and enjoy a whole year’s sms without any tension and losing any money with high volume data and net packages. All the detail giving below section go and check it out.

SMS: Unlimited sms for all network

Cost: Rs 666+ tax 

Valid: one year

Code: Type sub send it to 601

Expire: After one year, the offer expires Automatically.

Terms & Condition

  • If you are sending sms in abroad number, the charge will deduct from your balance.
  • All the sms offers working in Pakistan sending sms abroad charge deduct. 
  • All the above packages, not including GST, Company can deduct more amount.
  • If you want to check your remaining sms and packages detail, you can send blank sms to 606.
  • All the above bundles are only available for Ufone users.
  • At a time you can use only offer you can use more offer after expire your current offer.
  • If you have not enough balance in your account, your offer is deactivated automatically.
  • The daily package is valid for 24 hours, and the rest of the other packages are valid up to their given times.

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