Ufone Streaming Offer

The Ufone Streaming Offer is a must-try! For just 10 Riyals, you can get 500 MB of data and enjoy Youtube & Dailymotion video streaming for one hour. It’s only available with limited time left so act fast or it might be gone before noon tomorrow (today)

How to subscribe Ufone Streaming Offer

  • Activation Code: Dial *78#
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS
  • Remaining Credits : Dial *706#

Terms and conditions

  • After 1 hour of the streaming bundle’s validity, you can renew it by dialing *3#.
  • There are different mobile data buckets that vary in size and amount to accommodate your internet usage needs; these will only be used on YouTube or Daily Motion for now but may change depending upon what websites we want our users’ bandwidths going towards! Streaming bundles have a limit per customer which means they’re not limitless so make sure this doesn’t happen while watching all those videos…
  • Have you subscribed to the bucket plan? If so, then your internet speed will be maximized. There are various factors that affect how fast it is delivered such as location and time of day but this can all depend on what kind of device or pages were accessed while online with us!


The Ufone Streaming Offer is available for just 10 Rs and can be used towards Youtube & Dailymotion video streaming. It lasts one hour, so act fast before it expires!