Ufone Super Internet Bucket

Ufone Super Internet Bucket The best way to stay connected is by utilizing all of the advantages that we have nowadays. One such advantage, and one which many people don’t take full advantage of, would be internet connection speed through a phone plan or prepaid cellular app service provider now available with its own data pack at just Rs 449/month.

How to subscribe Ufone Super Internet Bucket

  • Activation Code: Dial *220#
  • Valid Till: 7 days
  • Remaining status: *706#

Terms and conditions

  • Super Internet Plus is an affordable and reliable internet quota.
  • It comes with a free WhatsApp data allowance of up to 8GBs per month, making it perfect for chatting on the go.
  • This product can be used by multiple subscribers in any devices nationwide including laptops or smartphones without worrying about high charges like other providers may charge you when using more than 5GBs at once (although they do offer this).
  • Additionally if your current connection has been slower then usual lately contact us via *290# so we’ll check out what else might have caused packet loss before optimizing network performance going forward together which saves both parties time down the line because everything will work seamlessly from now onwards


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