Zong Monthly Sms Package

Zong is aware of its users’ needs, so Zong provides all the packages according to their needs, SMS package is a basic need of everyone now mostly students need them, so from Zong monthly SMS package you can get whatever you want. So start texting your friends and family day and night without any extra charges.

List Of Zong Monthly Sms Package: 

Zong keeps your friends and family connected, so here is all the Zong monthly SMS package details, their freebies, method of subscription and unsubscription, and each and everything related to the package is written here, so go and check that out.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs 50500 SMS daily30MBs daily for WhatsApp30 DaysDial *705#Type “Unsub” and send it to 700
Zong Shandaar Monthly OfferRs 3001000 SMS1000 On-Net-Minutes, 100 Off-Net-Minutes, 1000MB internet data30 DaysDial *1000# or type “sub Mahana” and send it to 7091Type “unsub Mahana” 7091
Zong Super CardRs 6502500 SMS2500 On-Net-Minutes, 150 Off-Net-Minutes, 2500MB internet data30 DaysDial *50#Dial *6464# and follow instructions
Zong Supreme OfferRs 10005000 SMS5000 On-Net-Minutes, 300 Off-Net-Minutes, 5000MB internet data, 2GB YouTube, Free WhatsApp30 DaysDial *3030# Or *6464*4#Dial *6464# and follow instructions
Zong Supreme Plus OfferRs 173210,000 SMS10,000 On-Net-Minutes, 10,000MB data, 600 Off-Net-Minutes30 DaysDial *1500# Or *6464*4#Automatically expires after 30 days
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs 5001000 SMS50 Off-Net-Minutes, 2500MBs,1000 On-Net-Minutes30 DaysDial *1313# and follow the instructionsDial *6464# and follow the instructions
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs 1000 1500 SMS150 Off-Net-Minutes, 5000MBs,2000 On-Net-Minutes30 DaysDial *1313# and follow the instructionsDial *6464# and follow the instructions

Zong Monthly Sms+ whats app Bundle:

From this cheap SMS monthly bundle, you’ll get 500 free SMS and some freebies i-e free 30 MB/ daily in just rs 50, so you can enjoy MBs with SMS as well. To activate this offer on your Zong number, dial *705#, and you’ll get this offer. To deactivate this offer, type “Unsub” and send this to 700

Price: Rs 50

Free Sms: 500

Free MBs: 30/ daily

Validity: 1 month.

Zong Shandaar Monthly Offer:

From this Zong shandaar monthly offer, you’ll get 1000 free SMS, and in freebies, zong is giving you 1000 free on-net mins, free 100 off-net mins, and free 1000 MBs for a month in just Rs 300. To subscribe to this offer, dial *1000#, and you’ll get this offer on your number. To unsubscribe from this offer, type “unsub Mahana” and send this to 7091

Price: Rs 300

Free Sms: 1000

Free on-net mins: 1000

Free off-net mins: 100

Free MBs: 1000

Zong Super Card: 

From this cheap SMS bundle of Zong, you’ll get 2500 free SMS, 150 free off-net mins, and 2500 Mbs of the internet for a whole month and enjoy, so go and subscribe to this offer. To activate this offer, dial *50# from your dial pad, and you’ll get this offer. To deactivate this offer, just dial *6464#, and you have to follow the instructions there.

Price: Rs 650

Free SMS: 2500

Free off-net mins: 150

Free MBs: 2500 MB

Validity: 1 month

Zong Supreme Offer:

From this cheap SMS pkg offer of Zong you’ll get 5000 free SMS, 5000 on net mints, 300 off-net mins, 5 MB of internet data and some freebies i-e 2 GB of internet data for a month in just Rs 1000, To activate this offer dial *3030# or just dial *6464*4# from your dial pad and you’ll get this offer. To deactivate this offer, dial *6464# and then follow the instructions.

Price: Rs 1000

Free Sms: 5000

Free on-net mins: 5000

Free off-net mins: 300

Free MBs: 5 MB

Extra data: 2 GB

Validity: 1 month

Zong Supreme Plus Offer:

From this cheap monthly zong bundle, you’ll get 10,000 free SMS and some freebies, i-e, 10,000 on-net mins, 10,000 MB of internet data, and 600 off-net mins as well. So what else you want now? Go and subscribe to this offer soon. Just dial *1500# or just dial *6464*4# from your dial pad to activate this offer. This offer automatically expires after a month

Price: Rs 1732

Free Sms: 10,000

Free on-net mins, 10,000

Free off-net mins: 600

Free MBs: 10,000

Validity: 1 month

Zong 3 Months Power Pack:

From this cheap SMS offer, you’ll get 3000 free SMS, 8000 on-net mins, 200 off-net mins, and 8 GB of internet data in just RS 1500 for three months. To activate this offer, dial *1313# from your dial pad. This offer will expire automatically after 90 days.

Price: Rs 1500

Free Sms: 3000

Free on-net mins: 8000

Free off-net mins: 200

Free Data: 8 GB

Validity: 90 days

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Q: How can we unsub Zong call packages?

Ans: To unsubscribe the packages, just dial *6464# and select 4

Q: How much tax is on Zong?

Ans: 19.5% sales tax is applicable for a subscription.

Q: How can we get unlimited Internet on Zong Number?

Ans: Just dial *537*2#, and you’ll get 1500 MBs free Zong internet.