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If you like communicating with your friends and loved ones for more hours, why don’t you get a Zong weekly call package? Zong has introduced many zong weekly call package to meet the calling necessities of all Zong users through out the world and in all the cities of Pakistan .


Zong stands to lead in offering the finest social offers through the zong weekly call packages. You can enjoy the communication for as much time as you need if you are on a weekly call package. The zong  weekly call bundles differ in price and time period. You can select the one that is affording to your needs. Because  zong is providing all the packages according to your needs.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code   
Zong Shaandar Haftawaar OfferRs 120500 On-Net-Minutes40 Off-Net-Minutes, 500 SMS, 500MB7 DaysDial *7#Dial *6464# and follow the instructions
Zong All-in-One Weekly OfferRs 2001000 On-Net-Minutes40 Off-Net-Minutes, 1000 SMS, 1000MBs7 DaysDial *6464# and follow the instructionsDial *6464# and follow the instructions
Zong Weekly Unlimited OfferRs 63Unlimited On-Net-MinutesN/A7 DaysType “PK7” and send it to 522Dial *6464# and follow the instructions
Zong Hello 7 Days OfferRs 45Daily 100 On-Net-Minutes (for 7 days)100 SMS/day, 1MB data7 DaysDial *2200*1#Automatically expires after 7 days
Zong Haftawaar Load OfferRs 2503000 On-Net-Minutes3000 SMS, 3000 MB, 80 Off-Net-Minutes7 DaysDial *70#Automatically expires after 7 days

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package:

Zong Shandaar Weekly package comes with 500 MBs of mobile internet,500 SMS,500 Zong to Zong and 40 other network minutes. Zong’s this weekly offer comes with a charge of Rs. 90 + Plus tax. Zong Shandaar Weekly package is good for those with modest on-net call needs who need to make often off-net calls as well. 500 MBs of internet is also plenty for basic email, and Facebook.To Subscribe dial *7# from your dial pad

Price: Rs.120

On-net mins:500

Off-net mins:40

Free SMS: 500

Free MBs: 500

Validity: 7 Days

Zong Combo Pack:

Combo Pack, encounter mutually your data and voice calling requirements with ease of 15 days.Get 3,000 MB and 50 All-network minutes for 15 days in only Rs.200 + tax.To subscribe dial *15# from your zong number

Price: Rs.200

Off-net mins: 50

Free GBs: 3

Validity: 15 Days

Zong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly):

Zong’s Weekly All in 1 Bundle arrives with all kind of resources that you might want for your data and voice requirements. Zong All in 1 Bundle for a week bargains 1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS and 1000 MBs of Mobile Internet.This package arises with a recharge of Rs. 200.To subscribe dial *6464# > 4 > 1 Or SMS “Weekly150” to 6464. To un-subscribe dial *6464# from your zong number

Price: Rs.200

On-net mins:1000

Off-net mins:40

Free SMS: 1000

Free GBs: 1

Validity: 7 Days

Zong Haftawar Load Offer:

In this new bundle from Zong, you will get 2500 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, 2500 free SMS to all network and 2.5 GBs of internet. This innovative Haftawar Load Offer is accessible for Rs. 250 Recharge. To Subscribe Dial *70#. To Unsubscribe  this offer type “Unsub weekly250” SMS to 6464.

On-net mins:2500

Off-net mins:80

Free SMS: 2500

Free GBs: 2.5

Validity: 7 Day

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Q: Can all the prepaid clients subscribe to this offers?

Ans: Yes all prepaid clients subscribe to this offers.

Q: What are the charges for out of package on-net and off-net calls?

Ans: As per customer package plan

Q: What are the charges for out of package SMS?

Ans: As per the package plan

Q: Are there any call set up charges?

Ans: Yes. Rs.0.15 inc. tax call set up charges will be applied

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