Ufone Daily Internet Package

Ufone Daily Internet Package

Some People normally have very less amount of money But they need internet every day for their studies, work etc. To make their life easy Ufone has brought Ufone daily internet package in which Ufone service provides Internet facilities in very less amount of money.

List Of Ufone Daily Internet Package:

These Ufone daily internet packages are of different types according to the user’s requirements for example some people use internet at night time some at morning time, some only need internet for two hours or some just want internet for social media. So Ufone has made your life easy with these Ufone daily internet package.

Bucket NamePriceInternetDurationFreebiesActivationDe-activation
Ufone Power HourRs 660MBActivate any time during 24 Hours (Valid for One hour when you activate the package).60 SMS, 60 On-Net-Minutes(Ufone to Ufone).Dial *99#Automatically expires after one hour.
Ufone Streaming OfferRs 10500MB (DailyMotion, YouTube)1 HourN/ADial *78#Automatically expires after one hour
Ufone Daily LightRs 1240MB24 Hours500MB for Facebook, Twitter, Line & WhatsAppDial *2256#Type “Unsub” and send it to 8804
Ufone Daily Heavy BucketRs 1875MB24 Hours500MB for Facebook, Twitter, Line & WhatsAppDial *2258#Automatically expires
Ufone Mega Internet BundleRs 152GB1 AM to 8 AMN/ADial *550#Automatically expires
Ufone Special DailyRs 650MB24 Hours500 MB (WhatsApp)Dial *3461#Automatically expires at midnight the same day
Ufone Mega Internet OfferRs 152GB1 AM to 8 AMN/ADial *550#Automatically expires
Ufone Daily Lethal SurferRs 10 50MBscan be used 24 Hours (One day)N/ADial *6850#Type “Unsub” and send it to 6851
Ufone Social Daily PackageRs 6100MB(facebook,twiter,whats app )24 HoursN/ADial *4422#Automatically expires
Ufone Daily Chat Package Rs 6 + Tax500 MB (For whats app)24 hours10000 SMS Dial *3465#Automatically expires

Ufone Power Hour:

in Ufone Power Hour you’ll get 60 mb, 60 sms and 60 on net mins just in Rs.10 for an hour. Because ufone knows that internet is a need of every young person nowadays they have to send emails, have to contact with loved ones so they need internet outside the home.To activate this offer dial *99#.This will expire after an hour

Price: Rs 10

Free MBs: 60

Free Sms: 60

Free on net Mints: 60

Validity: 1 hour

Ufone Streaming Offer:

From this cheap one-hour package you’ll get 500 mbs for daily motion and YouTube for an hour in just Rs.10 so start browsing, ufone internet bundle provides best internet packages for you guys. So why not taking advantage of that?

Price: Rs 10

Free MBs: 500 MB

Validity: 1 hour

Ufone Daily Light:

From this daily light  package you’ll get 40 MBs and 500 MBs for twitter line and Whats App in just Rs.12 for a day because whats app is the need of everyone today, everyone uses whats app , they connect with their loved ones through that.Dial *2256# to activate this package.Type “unsub” and this to 8804 to deactivate this package.

Price:  Rs 12

Free MBs: 40

Extra MBs: 500

Validity: 1 day

Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket:

From this ufone daily package you’ll get 75 MBs and 500 MBs for twitter, line and Whats App. So for a day stay connect with your friends and family. And if you want to connect after that just subscribe this package again after midnight. Internet connects youth with their social friends their social circle remains connected. You are also getting free MBs in this packages so take advantage of that from ufone.To activate this offer dial *2258#.To deactivate this offer just dial *4804#

Detail of this offer:

Price: Rs. 18

Free MBs: 75 MB

Extra MBs: 500

Validity: 1 day

Ufone Mega Internet Bundle:

You’ll get 2 GB of internet data from 1 AM to 8 AM in just RS15. 2 Gb is enough for a day and when you are having this cheap package in just 15 RS then what are you waiting for you guys? You should avail this offer without wasting time. Go and subscribe to this offer right now.Dial *550# to activate this ufone one day package.Dial *5501# to deactivate this ufone one day internet package.

Detail of this offer:

Price: Rs. 15

Free data: 2 GB

Validity: 1 AM to 8 AM.

Ufone Special Daily:

From this package you’ll get 50 free mbs, and 500 MBs for Whats App just in Rs 06 this offer is valid for 1 day.  We are damn serious about this offer just again take a look you are getting 500 Mbs for free for whats app and for a day it is enough for a person and when you are getting this in RS 6 so you shouldn’t wait, go and subscribe this ufone internet package.Dial *3461# to activate this package.This package will automatically deactivate after 24 hours.

Detail of this offer:

Price: Rs 6

Free MBs: 50 MB

Freebies: 500 MBs for Whats App

Validity: 1 day

Ufone 3- Day Bucket:

From this cheap 3 days bundle you’ll get 100 free MBs and 500 Mbs for Facebook, line, twitter and Whats App for 3 days just in Rs.30. for a day you can use Facebook whats app  line and twitter for a day after subscribing this cheap 30 rs offer. Enjoy taking to your Facebook friends and browsing twitter checking tweets and much more.To activate this package dial *3350#.This offer will expire automatically after 3 days.

Price: Rs.30

Free Mbs: 100 MB

Freebies: 500 MBs for Facebook, line, twitter and Whats App.

Validity:  24 hours

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Q: How can we activate Ufone Super Internet?

 Ans. You can simply activate this by Dialing *220# to subscribe Ufone Super Internet.

Q: How can I check ufone Internet package of mine?

Ans: In order to check your Internet remaining mbs just dial *706#.from your dial pad.

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