Ufone Night Sms Package

Ufone Night Sms Package Get ready to be showered with 300 text messages for just one rupee plus taxes.


How  to subscribe Ufone Night Sms Package

  • Activation Code: Type “sub” and send it to 609
  • Valid Till: 24 HRS

Terms and conditions

  • SMS Buckets are the perfect solution for anyone who sends and receives a lot of messages.
  • You can enjoy unlimited SMS, at just Rs 10 per day!
  • If you’re trying to save on international charges then it’s also worth checking out our Premium bucket which includes all those pesky roaming fees we hear so much about these days-you’ll get up to 3282 free standard text messages every month (that is if there weren’t any limitations) but don’t worry because they come with an excellent customer support team that will help walk through anything from billing questions or lost data due errors within 24 hours during weekdays.


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