Ufone Power Hour

Ufone Power Hour At last, Ufone is giving its customers one hour of unlimited minutes to SIMs in PTCL as well as 60 SMS and MBs for mobile internet.

How to subscribe Ufone Power Hour

  • Activation Code: Dial *99#
  • Valid Till: ONE HOUR

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Terms and conditions

  • You’ll love this offer! It’s a must-have for any customer who wants to save on their phone calls.
  • All networked PTCL Prefix lines are absolutely free, and there’s no need to create an account or sign up with regional tax rates; just dial *707# when prompted at checkout–you can check remaining minutes, SMS/data volume left in your package anytime as well by pressing 1 through 6 respectively (the last digit that appears will be corresponding number). This deal expires soon though so don’t miss out like we did


Ufone has finally given its customers what they want. After hearing customer feedback, the company is expanding their offer to include unlimited minutes for PTCL SIMs as well as 60 SMS and MBs of mobile internet. This means that if you’re looking for an affordable phone plan with no data cap, then this could be your best option. Check out our blog post on how much can vary in price per minute depending on which network provider you use!