Jazz Daily Sms Package

Jazz Daily Sms Package

Jazz offers its distinctive jazz daily sms package along with other packages plans that inspire customers and meet the communication desires of assorted people, and companies. Jazz has varied sms packages to match its customers’ desires, Jazz provides the most affordable jazz one day message package starting from RS 2. If you’re keen on to text around the clock or text only needed, you’ve got lined regardless of the case with Jazz daily Sms code and at cheap rates as well! Jazz one day sms services are as follows:

List Of jazz Daily Sms Package:

SMS PackagePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs 7.21800 SMS10MBs for WhatsApp only24 Hours (Valid for one day)Dial *334#Dial *334*4#
Jazz Apna Shehar PackageRs 101500 SMSUnlimited On-Net Minutes, 100MB (4G)Same day MidnightDial *229# to activateDial *229*4#
Jazz Daily Hybrid Karachi PackageRs 101500 SMS100 MB, Unlimited On-Net MinutesSame day MidnightDial *400#Automatically expires at the same day midnight
Jazz Super F&F PackageRs 10Unlimited SMSUnlimited On-Net MinutesSame day MidnightDial *141*F&F Number#Dial *141*4#
Jazz Day BundleRs 13300 SMS300 On-Net Minutes, 20MBSame day MidnightDial *340#Automatically expires
Jazz KPK Daily OfferRs 141500 SMSUnlimited On-Net Minutes, 100MBSame day MidnightDial *522#Automatically expires
Jazz Sindh Daily OfferRs 141500 SMSUnlimited On-Net Minutes, 250MBSame Day MidnightDial *522#Automatically expires
Jazz Punjab Daily OfferRs 10100 SMS100 On-Net MinutesSame day MidnightDial *6000#Automatically expires
Jazz Daily Sms Plus Package Rs 2.38150 SMS24 Hours (Valid for one day)Dial *106*1#Dial *106*#
Jazz Daily Sms Package Rs 4.771200 SMS 24 Hours (Valid for one day)Dial *101*1*01#Dial *101*4*01#


Jazz has recently released a daily sms package called JAZZ DAILY SMS PLUS PACKAGE, the cheapest of all just RS 2.38 (including tax) with 150 messages on all networks valid for one day.To subscribe the jazz daily message package dial *106*1# and if u don’t just like the package and u don’t need it any longer therefore u don’t have to be compelled to worry here’s the unsubscribe code *106*4# .Yes you may check the remaining sms by dialing *106*2#.


Jazz Daily sms Bundle has available of 1200 messages on all networks with very reasonable rates 4.77.To subscribe this jazz daily sms bundle you would like to dial *101*1*01#. If you would like to seek out the remaining messages for that you simply need to dial *101*3*01# and off course you’ll be able to unsubscribe the package by dialing *101*4*01#.


Jazz daily sms package offers a multi bundle to its customers so that they can take advantage of this deal by using 1500 sms and 10 mbs internet for whatsApp at a low price of just RS 5.98 valid for one day.You would like to dial *334# to subscribe to this jazz sms package daily code. To check for the remaining messages simply dial * 334*2# and by dialing *334*4#, you can unsubscribe the package.

Jazz super f&f packages:

Jazz provides the cheapest daily sms bundle of just RS 10, with 100000 free on nets and 100000 sms on all networks.To subscribe this jazz sms package for one day you have to dial *141*F&F_Number#. F&F is only valid for one f&f number.

Jazz Day Bundle:

Jazz Day Bundle provide 150 messages on all networks with 10,000 on net mins and 20 mbs from 12pm to 7pm. Jazz daily sms is the best bundle for customers in just RS 10.To subscribe to this jazz message package daily dial * 340 #, and if you want to unsubscribe, you need to dial *340*4#, by dialing *340*3#, you can string data.

Apna Shehar Package:

This Jazz daily sms package is available for selected cities which are Shorkot, Jhang, Dinga, Kot Addu, Rajanpur, Pir Mahal, Toba Tek Singh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin, Head Faqeeran and other areas. Jazz sms one day package consist of 1500 messages, 100000 on net mins and 100 mbs in affordable rates RS 10

Karachi Hybrid Package:

Jazz comes up with an enticing deal for the proud lights-Karachi residents! Now, customers in town can make unlimited calls to all or any of the Asian country’s Jazz and Warid numbers in just Rs.9.99 (including tax) valid for midnight on the same day.Jazz Karachi hybric package has 1500 free sms , 100000 free on nets and 100 mbs to   subscribe this one day package dial *400#.

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Q: Which is the cheapest jazz daily sms package?

Ans: The cheapest daily message package for jazz is RS 2.38 with 150 messages on all networks.

Q: Is there any whatsApp package available with daily sms package?

Ans: Yes Jazz provide a package of 1500 sms and 10 mbs internet for whatsApp valid for one day at a low price of RS 5.98.To subscribe dial *334#

Q: Is there any on net mins package available for one day with sms package?

Ans: Jazz provide daily sms bundle of just RS 10, with 100000 free on nets and 100000 sms on all networks. To subscribe this package you have to dial *141*F&F_Number#.

Q: Is there a low rate sms package available with on net mins from 12pm onwards?

Ans: Jazz Daily sms packages transmit 150 messages from 12 pm to 7 pm on all networks with 10,000 messages on net minutes and 20 mbs in RS 10. Dial *340# to subscribe

Q: How can I check my remaining sms of sms&whtaspp bundle package?

Ans: For checking remaining messages you have to dial * 334*2#.

Q: How to unsubscribe Apna shehar package?

Ans: To unsubscribe you have to dial *229*4#

Q: How long is Karachi Hybrid Package?

Ans: This package is for one day till mid night.

Q: Any jazz daily sms package available with extra more messages in low rate?

Ans: Yes Jazz provides 1200 messages available on all networks at very reasonable rates 4.77. To subscribe this package dial *101*1*01#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Limited time supply.
  • Offer is subject to vary anytime.
  • *Daily bundle is auto-renewed daily when supply auto-expiry of the bundle.
  • For Balance Inquiry Dial *111# for RS. 0.24 (tax inclusive).
  • For any further question decision 111 helpline for RS. 2.39 (tax inclusive).
  • Withholding tax of 14 July applies on recharge/bill.
  • Service fees of 50 and working expenses of 50 apply for revive, and 19.5% Encouraged for utilize in Punjab, Baluchistan and KPK.
  • Service charges of 5.06% and operational expense of 5.06% applies on energize, and eighteen FED applies on utilization in Sindh.
  • Service charges of 5.04% and service fees of 5.04% are applicable for recharge and 18.5% for use in the rest of Pakistan.
  • Prices in Sindh are going to be 1.27% above different areas.
  •  Prices in remainder of Islamic Republic of Pakistan excluding Punjab and KPK are going to be 0.84% higher.

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